In every lighting project we combine the several skills with the different professional figures that are involved in the processes in order to reach the prefixed goals.

By working in team our efforts are directed towards the common objective:
we collaborate all together and we share our successes.

We propose a tailor-made architectural lighting advice following this philosophy, without changing our approach and our practice.

Lighing must also be used
to give a certain rhythm to space
alternating a little or a very much light.
The standard must be quality-related.

Renzo Piano

We start by pointing out the goals of the project through a dialogue both with the public or private customer and the planning team. It deals with an architectural lighting service that develops from the conceiving of the project to its achievement. During this step we identify the temporal planning and the disposable budget.

Successively, we define the aims of the project. This means an historical, architectural, town planning, environmental and anthropological analysis. We pay attention to all the suggestions, to the sketches and scale drawings, to the images of different trials of lighting: material that shapes the “concept” . The other part is the “preliminary project” which is the development of the concept itself. It is a very skilled work because we have to analyse the lighting by looking at photographic renders or 3D. We verify the values of lighting in order to choose the best lighting apparatus according to the declared budget and then we make an energetic evaluation with the drawing up of the first technical layouts.

The “definite” and then the so called “executive” projects are based on ordinary and emergency (if required) lighting calculus; technical schedules; details of installation; electrical loads; elaboration of the plan, its sections and its prospectus; details of installation; metric calculation; LEED and WELL energy efficiency; luminous scenarios; documentation of tender; technical and normative report and maintenance plan.

The building yard phase is the last stage of the project in which there is the technical consultation with the construction supervision (if required). We cooperate with professional figures involved in the project (e.g. Installers) for controlling the development of the plan in place. In fact our purpose is to give complete support to the fulfilment of the mockup in case of possible construction issues.
We follow the supply and the implementation of the project.

Our lighting projects are always developed in a tailor-made way and we do the same also for the design projects of lighting equipments. This means that our Studio is actually able to plan (if required and with prototypes) brand-new lighting equipments which are not on the market, according to specific and indispensable requirements. The new objects have both a photometric development and photographic renders. Moreover we elaborate the engineering of the industrial products showing their electric and electronic components and their CAD graphic layouts.
In short, our Studio is always in search of brand-new materials and technologies for design.