Hilton Hotel


Lighting is both the compositional plot of the space and the protagonist of the latter. The expressiveness of the environments emerges between plays of light, veils and shadows




Tokyo – Japan


Arch. Gianfranco Frattini

“The location of the light sources is an intrinsic and genetically non-secondary part of the design process which foresees and projects their quantity and quality in view of the desired effects. A real case study could be outlined in this regard. In fact, light now acts as a compositional texture, current or periodic or diffuse; now as a prominent presence in the space contest; now as a way to highlight moments and episodes of special prominence, now as an opportunity for contrast, detachment and therefore identification of different areas; now as an illusory game, also through refractions and mirroring, of altering the real dimensions; now as the creation of veils and shadowy transitions: now as an accentuation of material preciousness and reflective surfaces. It's not everything, but enough to prove the expressiveness of an artifice of special importance, considering that in many cases natural light can only be controlled to a minimal extent due to the immovability of the pre-existing openings, or is insufficient, or even non-existent". ( Pier Carlo Santini, "Gianfranco Frattini", Introduction, 1988, Edizioni Biblioteca dell'Immagine )