Mandrake Sailing Boat


An excellent racing boat. The indirect light is created by a hidden system, made up of LED sources inserted into the bamboo boiserie. Decorative lamps are placed in the reading areas. Everything contributes to creating a unique atmosphere




Fano – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

The Mandrake is a very high performance racing boat, designed by German Fres and Gae Aulenti, made in Italy by Adriasail entirely in carbon fibre. The relatively small boat, less than 20 metres, has an internal height of only 1.98 meters in the central part and 1.60 meters in correspondence with the seats. The lighting project includes indirect light obtained through a system with LED sources inserted into the bamboo boiserie and hidden from view. The system was integrated with adjustable arm lamps for the correspondence area and for the reading areas in the owner's cabin.