Nhow Hotel


In Milan, the expansion and redevelopment of the Tortona industrial area has given rise to a new area where fashion and design intersect. The Nhow Hotel building is lightened by large glass surfaces. The windows are outlined by a beam of blue light: the external facades and courtyards shine




Milan – Italy


Matteo Thun & Partners

The Tortona industrial area in Milan, which is currently expanding, has become a fashion and design district, while maintaining its original character, with abandoned factories renovated into showrooms, laboratories, creative studios and residential lofts.
The General Electric factory was renovated. Inside they have found space for a hotel, multifunctional exhibition spaces for exhibitions, fashion shows, events and exhibitions.
On the outside, the original volumes have been maintained, the shed roof, the gray plaster of the external walls has been lightened by the large glass surfaces of the windows. The lighting of the external facades and courtyards of the building was entrusted only to the windows outlined by a beam of blue light provided by luminaires with LEDs of the same color, with controlled "fan" light emission. ( Incontroluce nr. 16, 2007 )