The Gonzaga's Route


With the project "Light on the Gonzaga route", light becomes the way to create a route that winds through Mantua, enhancing the cultural buildings, fitting harmoniously into the urban context. The city changes appearance




Mantua – Italy


Arch. Pier Luigi Cerri
Arch. Alessandro Colombo

“Light on the Gonzaga route” ( 2000 ) is the project conceived by Tea and the Municipality of Mantua to “rebuild with the medium of light, a route that crosses the city and enhances the places and buildings of greatest historical and cultural interest, using devices and solutions capable of fitting harmoniously into the urban context. The "Gonzaga route" is the route that from the palace of Palazzo Ducale winds for approximately 2,200 meters up to Palazzo Te". The project annexes the Rio from Lago Superiore to Porta Catena.
The Ponte di San Giorgio, entrance to the city, replaces the pole lighting with a system of custom-made column luminaires ( h. 110 cm ) which free up the perspective view of Castello San Giorgio and the Cavallerizza. The walk along the Rio is free from vertical obstructions thanks to cylindrical, floor-standing luminaires and LED sources. The buildings and churches are illuminated with projectors, remote and hidden from view, with diffused light, by composition of beams, lighting values contained in harmony with the city. Metal halide sources unify the color temperature of the light, guaranteeing a unified perception of spaces.