1928 - 1978 Architettura


Very small, very low voltage halogen lamps, connected in series, are hidden in the red tubular structure that winds along the porticoes of Palazzo delle Stelline, for the 50 Years of Domus exhibition




Stelline Palace, Milan – Italy


D.A. Studio

A red tubular framework, elegant and airy, ran along the internal porticos of Fabio Mengone’s early 17th century building, designed to house the Santa Maria della Stella female orphanage. In 1978 Domus magazine reached its 50th year of uninterrupted publications: to celebrate the occasion, an exhibition was organized, divided into five sections to provide three distinct accounts of the period, in order to cater, in differentiated and specific ways, to the different interests of visitors. The public, guided by period images, could view the developments and vicissitudes of architecture in a quick and not too exhausting visit. Those with specific interests could find rare original drawings and, by simultaneously comparing different trends, obtain a deeper understanding of the various subjects on display. A specialized library was assembled for consultation by scholars and students. A succession of uncaptioned images extended along the top part of the framework, providing an overview of the life and times, political changes, social turmoil and lifestyle changes, creating a sort of history in images, or news items rather, of the 50 years between 1928 and 1978. On the lower level were two connected sections: on the left, examples of research and on the right, edifices built; both illustrated by large photographs, models and original drawings. The lighting of the entire exhibition was entrusted to small-sized, very low-voltage halogen bulbs (100W 24V), connected in sets and built into the red tubular structure.