Emilio and Scilla Isgrò Institute


The lighting design aims to integrate the lighting with the architecture, made up of white walls and successions of white cubes. Backlit sheets with linear LED fixtures allow a soft and uniform light. There is maximum flexibility in the event of new provisions of the works




Milan – Italy


Emilio Isgrò

Organized as an unbroken succession of white cubes and walls, the museum was conceived by its two namesakes in order to fulfill a dual task: on the one hand, to archive, preserve and disseminate the memory of Isgrò’s fifty years of work and, on the other, to exhibit approximately 100 works. The integration of the lighting with the architecture was the basis for the lighting design. The large exhibition halls are illuminated by a "luminous ceiling". A Barrisol-technology PVC cloth diffuser carries out the dual function of illuminating the spaces below it and concealing the technological systems. The cloth is backlit with linear LED devices, specially positioned to achieve an uneven, rhythmic effect on it while providing soft, shadowless even lighting for the exhibition spaces, with suitable illuminance values for the type of use. Suspension lamps were specially designed using the same Barrisol-technology PVC diffuser for the smaller exhibition rooms. The lamps are of various shapes and sizes in relation to the spaces, with a limited height and linear LED sources positioned along the perimeter. The lighting project thus enables the maximum flexibility for arranging works.