Cestello Cilindrico






Arch. Gae Aulenti

Suspended fitting made of extruded aluminium can house up to 12 optical assemblies for low voltage halogen lamps. The frames are fixed by articulated rods with mechanical locking devices for full adjustment. The optical assemblies are provided with joints which allow light sources to be rotated of 45° horizontally and vertically. Transformers can be housed in the optical assemblies or remote. The bottom of fixture can house a compact fluorescent lamp for ambient lighting. 
Winner at the "Design Award", 1997.

Degree of protection and Insulation class:

IP20, I/II

Lighting source:

N° 9 Halogen QRCBC51 9 x 50W 12V GU5,3 

N° 12 Halogen QR70 12 x 50W 12V BA15d 

N° 1 Fluorescent TC-D  1 x 13W 220V GX24d-1

N° 2 Fluorescent TC-DZ4 2 x 13W 220V GX24d-1

N° 9 Halogen QR111 9 x 100W 12V G53


ø 29 x 40h cm

ø 29 x 78.5h cm

ø 40 x 53h cm