Banca Popolare di Lodi - Auditorium


General lighting that has the function of creating a pleasant atmosphere for meetings, with the most faithful color vision possible and the possibility of varying the intensity of the light itself




Lodi – Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The cylindrical-shaped Auditorium building is connected to the main complex by a glass tensile structure that defines the large covered pedestrian square. Here the lighting must allow a vision of the colors as faithful as possible to encourage the pleasure of meetings, appreciate the elegance of both the place and the people celebrating; furthermore, the need to signal events in the room by varying the intensity of the light could not be ignored. Halogen sources with dichroic reflectors were used for the lighting of the foyer, the cafeteria, the distribution and public areas; the radial arrangement of the luminaires equipped with an internal frosted glass display guarantees the uniform distribution of illumination levels given by the overlapping of the light beams on both horizontal and vertical surfaces without creating glare or marked shadows.
The hall was conceived as a large musical instrument: the curved terracotta panels and suspended shapes work together to reflect the sound towards the audience. For indirect lighting, theatrical-type projectors with halogen lamps ( 100/200W ) were anchored to high metal poles arranged in a circle: this choice made it possible to bring together the devices necessary both for the general lighting of the room and for the Stage lighting on stage during shows and concerts, creating a coherent image with strong spectacular effects. ( Luce e design, le forme del progetto, nr. 2, April 2003 )