Grand Council Chamber


Two fundamental requests in the development of this lighting project: optimal conditions for carrying out the activities and compliance with current regulations. The lighting of the Grand Council Hall with custom-made LED fixtures guarantees great visual comfort and balanced lighting values




Fribourg – Swiss


Ruffieux-Chehab Architects

The Grand Council Hall located on the first floor of the cantonal hotel, a building from the 1500s, initially used as a grain market, is the seat of the cantonal Grand Council.
The new lighting project dictated by the need to reduce energy consumption has led to the creation of specially designed LED projector fixtures,
with controlled optics. These installed on the existing cornice, around the perimeter of the room, guarantee all the standards ( visual comfort, lighting values ) required by current regulations and allow the normal carrying out of activities. A special luminaire, installed on the central table of the council chamber, illuminates the fresco above.