ECA Headquarters


ECA Headquarters is at the center of a redevelopment and refunctionalization project of an entire area. Areas used for different functions are created, both externally and internally to the building. The lighting project has a predominantly service task: it makes the various areas and the activities carried out in them recognisable




Lausanne – Swiss



The new ECA building is part of a vast refunctionalization and redevelopment project of the entire area with the creation, in addition to the new headquarters, of underground parking, green and sports areas.
The main building which is spread over six floors, has an architecture with glass walls and contains within it different types of environments, offices, restaurant, cafeteria and recreational room, a patio with garden.
The smaller building which is spread over three floors, located near the entrance to the complex, houses all the sports and hospitality activities inside.
The lighting project allows the various areas and the functions that take place there to be recognisable.