Il Sole 24 Ore Seat


A building that houses not only the collective work areas of the financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, but also those for meetings and relaxation. At night the complex becomes transparent and luminous. In compliance with visual comfort regulations, the luminaires were designed and created from a site-specific perspective




Milan – Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The architectural project considers the historical and traditional urban fabric of the city, the old eighteenth-century buildings that opened onto the courtyards protecting private life from the long and painful Austrian domination.
The building is divided into a central building and two side buildings with glass cladding connected by terracotta and plaster towers, overlooking an urban park, a large hill with green surfaces. It houses the individual offices, the collective work areas of the financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, public spaces, cafeteria, auditorium, bookshop. At night the building becomes transparent and bright, showing the rooms and the work that takes place there to the outside. Specially designed lighting fixtures, installed on the wall or suspended, produce uniform indirect light, with great visual comfort in compliance with regulations.
The common spaces, the hall, the canteen are illuminated with adjustable suspended projectors, designed by Piano himself as Shingu's "mobile" sculptures are suspended.