El Prat Airport - Terminal T1


From "minimalism" and "simplicity" comes an architectural project characterized by the "fusion of functionality and aesthetics", as supported by architect Bofill. The lighting, considering the large spaces available, reproduces, in this transit place, the daytime situation with diffused light




Barcelona – Spain


Ricardo Bofill Architects

T1 is the new gateway to Europe, two buildings, streets and squares under one roof: a 300,000 m2, 500 m wide block for service activities ( tickets, security, baggage ), a 700 m long block with the boarding, waiting and commercial areas. It expects traffic of 25 million passengers.
The architecture with glass walls, high perimeter skylights, longitudinal on the roof ensures natural lighting in the passenger areas and through transparency the view of the runways, the sea and the nearby woods
«The treatment of natural light, the perspectives, the axes, the harmonious system of materials and colors have been designed in such a way that users and workers feel enveloped in a new space, appropriate to the human scale, more comfortable, so that they can live with " illusion” this sort of “inner world”. […] Clarity, few materials, minimalism and simplicity have allowed the fusion of functionality and aesthetics.” ( Interview with R. Bofill )
Batteries of floodlights with metal halide sources, ceramic burner, 250 W, 3000 K embedded on the roofs of the low-rise internal buildings illuminate the common spaces by reflection from the roof, reproducing the daytime situation with diffused light.