Frette Showroom


The lighting system of all Frette showrooms was born from the pilot project of the Varese store. The luminaires blend with the architecture, guaranteeing general light to the rooms and accent light on the displays: the products stand out




Varese, Milan, Naples, Capri – Italy


F&P Associati

The success of the pilot system tested in the Varese showroom determined the lighting system of all the commercial spaces of the "Frette" chain. Luminaires, recessed into the ceiling, inserted into the architecture, are equipped with fluorescent lamps which, integrated with halogen lamps, produce general light in the rooms and direct light on the displays, high levels of illumination on both the vertical and horizontal planes, a slight contrast of chiaroscuro. The presence of some "furnishing" lamps indicates the intended use of the goods: private, to serve, embellish, color our homes.