La Bastille Opera House


The innovative design of the lighting fixtures aims for complete integration with the architecture. Not only that: the ease of maintenance and flexibility makes them functional for the size of the room




Paris – France


Arch. Carlos Ott

Work began in 1984 with the demolition of the Gare de la Bastille, followed by the construction of the new building. The Opera, located in a neighborhood of buildings of limited height, on average 3 or 4 floors, integrates with the surrounding environment and although it has a great urban and architectural impact, it does not appear monumental. The lighting system designed for the Grande Salle covers 900 square meters and creates a huge fully illuminated ceiling that looks unusual and extraordinary in the true sense of the word. Every single lighting fixture was produced to order with particular attention to ease of maintenance and therefore to the need to be easily dismantled in every part; a very innovative design, as each appliance must be part of a coordinated project and integrate perfectly, both aesthetically and from a functional point of view, into the overall vision. This required a very precise study and structural features. Halogen lamps were only used in public areas. ( FLARE nr. 3, September 1990, pg. 42-53 )