Vetus Palace


The historic building is now home to the Cassa di Rispamio di Alessandria Foundation and an important cultural center. The lighting project includes both interior and exterior lighting: different lighting solutions, often site-specific, guarantee great visual comfort, reduced maintenance and absence of glare




Alessandria – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

The "Palazzo Vetus", the center of political, administrative and judicial life of the medieval municipality, is the oldest historic palace in the city of Alessandria. The real estate complex, built in the heart of the city around 1170, has undergone several renovation and expansion interventions which have modified its structure, bringing it to the current one consisting of a single body, on two levels above ground, with various types of foundation.
It currently houses the headquarters of the Cassa di Rispamio di Alessandria Foundation and an important cultural center.
Specially designed lighting fixtures, installed on the wall or suspended with a halogen source, produce uniform indirect light, with great visual comfort, guaranteeing illumination values ​​compliant with current regulations.
Halogen source floor-standing luminaires are used in conference rooms and exhibition halls.
In the large courtyard, the specially designed luminaires use LED sources and are installed inside the roof support structure to ensure long life and reduced maintenance.
The facade is illuminated only by the windows: iGuzzini "Glim cube" LED fixtures with blade optics, placed on the windowsill, in a central position with respect to the window, uniformly illuminate the window jambs and architrave without glare inside, remaining hidden from view. The entrance is highlighted by recessed LED projectors in the ground with adjustable optics.