Loro Piana Showroom


Enhance the products contained in each individual showroom, without altering the colors and the performance of the materials. With a new luminaire system, the "Light-shed", all the qualities of Loro Piana garments emerge thanks to controlled lighting values ​​and homogeneous, diffused light




Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris – Italy, France


Arch. Misa Poggi

The task of studying the new image of the sales points provides the opportunity to experiment with a new lighting system. The desired atmosphere for the showrooms must suggest the soft quality of Loro Piana garments, research into fabrics and colours, fine materials, wool and cashmere. A system of luminaires was specifically designed, later put into production by iGuzzini ( "Light-shed" ), with a battery of very low voltage halogen lamps, adjustable, with symmetrical and asymmetrical optics. These suspended or recessed on the wall or ceiling produce a homogeneous and diffused light, in the absence of shadows, with controlled illuminance values on both the vertical and horizontal planes.