Expo 1992 - Pavilion of Italy


Architects Gae Aulenti and Pierluigi Spadolini design the Italian pavilion for Expo '92 in Seville. The aim of the lighting project is to make the building a large lantern at night, also focusing on the glass surfaces of the "lumbreras"




Seville – Spain


Gae Aulenti Associates
Arch. Pierluigi Spadolini

On the occasion of the Universal Expo in Seville, Italy is present with a large building built by Italsad and designed by architects Gae Aulenti and Pierluigi Spadolini: the interiors are organized in a large central gallery, full height, with numerous exhibition rooms, smaller, arranged on various levels and on both sides of the central gallery. The building also houses offices, a roof garden, two restaurants and services.
In order to highlight the double structure of the facade, "Edge" luminaires with controlled light distribution were placed near the front openings: the clean and clear lighting of the vaults reinforces the perception of the internal facades by reflection.
Watertight projectors with halogen lamps directed on the glass surfaces of the "lumbreras", the large roof gallery, illuminate the interior, creating plays of light and shadows on the "sails" above, making the building similar to a large lantern at night.
Luminaires with very low voltage halogen lamps embedded in the false ceiling illuminate stairs and corridors: the high levels of lighting ( 300 Lux ) allow the observer both to perceive the building as a whole and to read the division into different floors from the large gallery of the roofing ( “lumbreras” ) on the ground floor.
Recessed or track-mounted lighting fixtures with very low voltage halogen lamps, adjustable, illuminate the exhibition rooms. The choice of the angle of the light beam ( between 8 and 38 degrees ), the positioning and orientations of the luminaires follow the characteristics of each exhibition in the absence of any glare or reflection.