Private Offices


The well-being of people and the possibility of carrying out their activities in the best possible way inside the building are the focuses of the lighting project.The dialogue between the client, the design team, the architecture and its functions is the basis for the creation of careful lighting choices, with the idea of ​​making the most of the works of art present in the structure, in compliance with the required regulations




Milan – Italy


Arch. Maria Olgiati

Every lighting project is a constant dialogue with the client, the design team, the architecture and its functions.
Inside this building, used as offices, light plays a fundamental role in the visual comfort of those who are welcomed on a daily basis and carry out their activities. But not only that: the lighting choices also had the aim of enhancing the various works of art present in the structure. The executive project develops starting from the installation of indirect light inside the corridors to avoid the presence of shadows along the walls, guaranteeing homogeneous light in the presence of paintings and sculptures, thus highlighted.
Inside the offices, some characterized by movable walls, a site-specific lighting system was designed that can vary depending on the transformation of the spaces. Furthermore, the diffused light pendant lamps inserted in these environments guarantee a UGR of less than 19 as recommended by legislation for indoor workplace projects.
The custom lighting fixtures designed for meeting rooms are in harmony with the furnishings and the architectural space in which they are located, shaping them.
The possibility of modulating the lighting allows greater comfort and therefore respect for the well-being of the people hosted inside the building itself.