Vicem luxury compound


The architecture features straight lines, regular volumes. It has large windows and the materials used are different. Harmony is born with the maritime landscape. The lighting project considers the landscape aspect and the theme of sustainability: the luminaires are hidden from view and discreetly function as service lights, also enhancing the vegetation




Bodrum – Turkey


Emre Arolat Architects

The new settlement built on the promontory maintains the relationship with the sea, the landscape and the vegetation unchanged. The 21 villas are distributed radially, discreetly inserted between the rocks and the Mediterranean scrub. The architecture follows the contour lines, features regular volumes, straight lines, large glass surfaces, natural materials, stone and wood.
The lighting project respects the nature of the place. Very small luminaires, invisible during daylight hours, as much as possible hidden from view, signal the routes and the presence of vegetation with low illuminance values. The light from the large windows of the homes, the illuminated bodies of water in the swimming pools fit into the nocturnal context together with the paths, the vegetation and the rocks. Projectors installed in the intrados of the terraces jutting out over the sea illuminate the body of water, the rocks and the seabed, placing the settlement in the nocturnal panorama of the marina. Particular attention is given to respect for the environment, to the control of consumption of light flows, to the choice of sources for insertion into the landscape and for the sustainability of the new housing complex.