Cadorna Railway Station


Piazza Cadorna and its station are subject to a major intervention, internal and external. The façade of the Palazzo delle Nord is covered. Transit spaces and a volume for commercial services are created. The "Radius" luminaires are inserted inside the metal beams of the shelters: the light acts as a guide




Milan – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

The first stopover of the northern railways, on the northern edge of the Piazzale, dates back to 1879. In the 1960s the two main Metro lines were added and in 1999 the Malpensa Express railway line, connecting to the international airport. With this latest upgrade of the terminal, the Northern Railways and the Municipality of Milan are launching two significant interventions. The renovation of the interior of the station, with the inclusion of services for travelers heading to the airport, led to the opening of a new access on the northern side. The subsequent reorganization of the entire square, the reconstruction of the façade of the Railways building, the covering of the pedestrian space in front, the reorganization of the road layouts was entrusted to the Arch. Gae Aulenti. The cladding of the facade of the Palazzo delle Nord, a second skin, descends into the square creating a series of shelters, transit spaces partially covering the square and a small volume dedicated to commercial services. The sculpture by Oldenburg and Van Bruggen “Needle, thread and knot”, the traffic islands with basins with jets of water delimit and organize traffic flows.
A series of fixtures with fan-shaped light emission ( "Radius" by iGuzzini ), with halide lamps, positioned in the metal beams of the shelters, with direct light on the silk-screened part of the glass covering, provide adequate lighting values ??on the walking surfaces and good vision on vertical planes.