Expo 2015


Light presents itself as a design and scenographic language and not just as a guiding service. The lighting project diversifies functions and areas, highlights the paths, using exclusively LED luminaires and at the West entrance a stretch ceiling in opaline vinyl polycarbonate: great energy savings, respect for the environment and aesthetic pleasure. "Energy for Life"




Milan – Italy

“Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life” is the theme of Expo 2015 which will open on May 1st and close on October 30th 2015 in the north-west area of Milan ( Rho-Pero ). It will be a real citadel with the Triulza farmhouse, squares, hills, lakes, greenhouses, theatre, bars, restaurants, purification tanks, waterways designed to make the theme of nutrition of the planet readable in a path divided on two axes the main ones are the cardo and the decumanus. The lighting project diversifies areas and functions, gives prominence to the installations, underlines the paths: light is used as a design and scenographic language and not only as a service to visual tasks.
The lighting fixtures are integrated into the structural elements of the displays with a result of minimal visual impact throughout the internal exhibition space ( with the exception of the water square and the square in front of the amphitheatre ). The absence of pole-mounted luminaires keeps the view free from obstacles and vertical barriers.
The hill and its vegetation combine the ambient lighting with a dynamic effect with a programmed color and intensity variator which will modify the lighting levels with a sensation of undulating mobility and chromatic change.
The street lighting outside the exhibition area is entrusted to floodlights of such power as to allow a grid with a limited number of poles, the good color temperature and a good level of homogeneous illumination on the roadways and surrounding vegetation make walking pleasant.
Luminaires of very recent design in cast aluminum with a particular controlled beam emission thanks to a specific optical system and a particular high-performance aluminum reflector guarantee good levels of illumination on the walking surface and above all a good component on the vertical planes to guarantee the recognition to visitors.
The sources in the project are exclusively LED lamps and metal halide lamps with ceramic burners. The only exception is given by the lighting system of the west entrance with a stretch ceiling in opaline vinyl polycarbonate, 18/100mm thick with a transparent upper protective sheet where linear fluorescent sources were used for practical needs.
The lighting project was informed by criteria of energy saving, ease of maintenance, pleasantness of life and therefore environmental, aesthetic, functional and eco-sustainable respect.