The Museum Hotel


In the construction of a 5-star hotel, the archaeological remains and mosaics of one of the largest metropolises of the ancient world emerge. The system of LED luminaires have the dual task of illuminating both the hotel and archaeological areas of the "hotel-museum"




Antakya – Turkey


Emre Arolat Architects

The project of a modern 5-star hotel, located in what was one of the largest metropolises of the ancient world, was modified following the discovery, during excavations for the foundations, of mosaics from the Byzantine period and archaeological remains dating back to the Roman.
The complex therefore, in addition to offering all the comforts of a hotel structure: suites, restaurants, spa, recreational spaces, preserves and makes the entire archaeological area visitable, becoming a "hotel museum".
A single system of compact LED projectors, integrated into the architecture and inserted into the roof, perform the dual task of lighting the various hotel functions and the archaeological area.