St Pio Pilgrimage Church


The diffused lighting comes from suspended luminaires, a sort of lowering of the vaults. The officiant's attention is captured by the altar, where the light becomes stronger. In the evening, floodlights on the ground illuminate the church externally, together with the light coming out of the windows. The religiosity of the place manifests itself




San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia – Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

A 40 meter high stone cross visible from the plain marks the liturgical wing on the hill of San Giovanni Rotondo. A tree-lined avenue accompanies the climb bordered by a large wall with eight enormous bells. The church, surrounded by trees, stands low, sloping over the triangular churchyard, a welcoming space and an invitation to come down to the place of worship. The stone flooring and the absence of the facade, a simple glass front marks the continuity between the exterior and the interior. The classroom has a spiral shape that closes towards the back. Large stone support arches constitute the exposed structure that supports the roof. The lighting is diffused, with suspended luminaires that create a sort of lowering of the vaults. A strong cut of light on the altar focuses attention on the officiant. At night the church is illuminated with floodlights on the ground and by the light coming out of the window. The large cross, the wall of the access road, the bells signal the place from afar.