Italcementi Research Centre


The lightness of glass alternates with the solidity of concrete in an area of ​​23 thousand square metres. The primary objective of lighting is to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. The most suitable luminaires were chosen depending on the environments: they were integrated within the architecture, respecting its compositional rhythm




Bergamo – Italy


Richard Meier Architects

The Italcementi Research and Innovation Center "iLab", within the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, occupies a space of 23 thousand square meters. The building divided into two floors above ground and three underground floors, made of white concrete, characterized by a system of windows designed to create a contrasting effect between the solidity of the concrete and the lightness of the glass, has a structure with two side-by-side wings on a central courtyard. The first wing, parallel to the motorway, houses laboratories and offices while the second houses a large conference room and representation areas.
The lighting project paid particular attention to energy consumption and the containment of maintenance costs, determining the choice of the lamps used: highly efficient and long-lasting sources with adequate technical and photometric qualitative characteristics of the light radiation emitted, according to the required visual requirements from the different intended uses of the environments. The positioning and installation methods allowed the creation of solutions integrated with the architectural elements, consistent with the compositional rhythm of the spaces and coordinated with the system needs.
The project received the PLATINUM LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ), the highest international energy and environmental certification standard.