Viboldone Abbey


The lighting project highlights and enhances the fourteenth-century frescoes of the Giotti school on the walls. Specially designed luminaires with LED sources, dimmable, with different light scenarios make the colors and scenes of the works shine




Viboldone – Italy


Arch. Elisabetta Michelini

The complex of the Abbey of Saints Peter and Paul is made up of a church dating back to 1176 and a Prior's house at its side, now partly used as a guesthouse.
The Abbey entirely made of terracotta has a rectangular hall layout with three naves of five bays each, framed in transverse pointed arches.
The columns that punctuate the naves are made of brick with capitals of the same material in the shape of a notched cube. Fourteenth-century frescoes from the Giotti school cover it almost entirely the walls.
The lighting project aims to enhance the various frescoes present, highlighting the colors and scenes they contain.
In this regard, small, specially designed luminaires with LED sources with a high color rendering index were used, placed close to the capitals of the individual columns. The luminaires were equipped with dimmable power supplies, in order to adapt the artificial light to natural light, with the possibility of having different lighting scenarios depending on the functions and activities that take place regularly in the Abbey.