Città Vecchia


Protection of the lighting system: rationalisation, standardization and technological updating of the sources already present. The specially designed "Radius" luminaires illuminate the historic centre




Siena – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

The inspections, the analysis of the qualitative and quantitative formal values, the examination of the city's problems led to the consideration that the lighting system of the historic center, to be considered a single monument, should not undergo substantial changes. The rationalization, standardization and technological updating of the devices and sources already present make it possible to obtain immediately appreciable results in terms of urban planning, visual comfort without altering the existing plant structure. Therefore, the wrought iron lanterns are maintained, a constant presence, replacing the existing sources with the latest metal halide lamps with ceramic burner, increasing the illuminance values ​​and unifying the color temperature, with high color rendering, to give a sign of continuity and order to the urban fabric. The now obsolete cassette luminaires are replaced with the installation of double "Radius" luminaires ( iGuzzini ) in special execution. The 120° light blade emission, the cut-off optics facing the road, the symmetrical optics and the special diffusing screen facing the upper part of the facade in front produce illumination of the streets and buildings, constant and widespread, with good levels of illumination on the vertical and horizontal planes, in the absence of glare, pleasant to live in. Furthermore, the visual impact of the lighting fixtures is non-existent both during the day and at night.