Mangusta130 MAO Boat


Extremely small LEDs are inserted in continuous lines in minimal, hidden spaces. A high level of customization allows you to produce colorful and dynamic light. The perception of spaces changes but the attention to visual comfort always remains unchanged




Viareggio – Italy


Arch. Erna Corbetta

The interiors of the boats have achieved the same comfort and aesthetics as homes on the mainland, using designer pieces and noble materials. The lighting system has specific protection needs due to wave motion oscillations and the saline environment. Mangusta's lighting project looked at the new technology of light diodes to create illuminated walls and ceilings without the visual presence of the sources: the very small size of the LEDs allows the creation of continuous lines, the positioning of the luminaires in minimal spaces: housed in small grooves, panels and false walls, highlight colors and materials, illuminate environments by reflection, create bright furnishings. LEDs, appropriately programmed, offer the possibility of producing colored and dynamic light and changing the perception of spaces.
At night, the elegant line of the hull and the decidedly illuminated sides inside leave the vessel in backlight which seems to fly on the water.