San Francesco D'Assisi Airport


San Francesco airport stands out from all other airports for its small size, large windows and its ability to fit into the Umbrian landscape. The lighting design underlines the identity of this place: the "Cestello" luminaires are the protagonists, an emblem of the building




Perugia – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

St Francis of Assisi, unlike the high-tech image of contemporary airports, has its own recognizable identity inserted into the Umbrian landscape.
The new terminal ( 4,700m2 ) is made up of 8 square-shaped pavilions in red-painted reinforced concrete, has green copper pitched roofs and is open with large windows. The pavilions are connected to each other by a structure of exposed beams and portions of glass-concrete roofing to allow the passage of daylight inside the airport.
The lighting of the rooms is created with "Cestello" type fixtures different in shape and power, equipped with AR111 lamps, installed on the wall, ceiling and integrated into the architecture.