San Pellegrino Flagship Factory


The lighting project involves three lots of the factory. The lighting choices vary depending on the areas and therefore on the activities carried out in them. Not only is the identity of the factory, a place of production and experiential, respected, but also the surrounding landscape, in close harmony with nature




San Pellegrino Terme – Italy


Bjarke Ingels Group
Atelier Verticale Architects

"Our proposal does not aim to give another face to the existing factory but rather to bring out its identity: the new S.Pellegrino Factory and the Experience Lab
they will emerge from the natural environment just as mineral water flows from the spring. Finally, with the aim of providing continuity between production and consumption, we wanted to eliminate the traditional separation between production lines and offices typical of factories" - Bjarke Ingels

The factory of the "San Pellegrino" brand is located in the town of the same name in the province of Bergamo.
Following a competition, the architectural renovation of the building, except for the part where production takes place, was entrusted to Studio BIG; the lighting project at Studio Piero Castiglioni. The latter focused on three different lots. The first, that of "Alderò", includes the creation of a new bridge and the conversion of a previously single-storey car park into a three-storey car park, lit with ceiling-mounted and suspended luminaires.
The lighting of the parking ramps, however, consists of customized bollards. In addition, luminaires were inserted on the bollards to create a blade of light on the arches, a beam that is directed from bottom to top, like the mountains that surround the site, thus avoiding dazzling vehicle drivers. A scenographic and visual comfort solution.
In "Ruspino - Lot 1" there are the administrative headquarters of the factory and the rooms used for conviviality. The offices are open-space in which lines of lights have been inserted. A minimal choice aimed at exploring and underlining the grandeur of the space, giving it a sense of continuity. In the meeting rooms, the lighting intervention led to the inclusion of "Alphabet" lamps by Artemide, whose design was created by Bjarke Ingels.
Under construction is "Ruspino - Lot 2", dedicated to the Experience Lab. The hidden light, which runs parallel to the beams, helps visitors to view the technological and interactive contents present in this part of the factory.
Respecting the identity of the factory, not only as a place of production but also as a place of experiential and discovery, the light indicates the access points, signals the routes, allows rest, work and conviviality while respecting nature.