Sixty-seven "Glim-cubes" illuminate the Varenna lakeside promenade. LED technology, high performance and reduced visual impact allow uniform light to be given to the path. Its landscape value is protected: the view of the lake is suggestive and exciting




Varenna – Italy



The lakeside promenade connects the pier to the historic center of Varenna.
Respect for the landscape value of the route led to the choice of newly developed luminaires, with LED technology, with high performance and very low visual impact which guarantee good luminous efficiency, minimum size, high degree of impact protection, very low installed power and reduced maintenance costs.
The fixtures used are the "Glim-Cubes" produced by iGuzzini, specifically designed to uniformly illuminate the walkway areas.
Positioned on the parapet uprights, with a minimum distance of 4.20m, at a height of 10 cm from the ground, they illuminate the walking surface and guarantee adequate lighting values ??by reflection even on vertical planes.
The distribution of light intensities within an angle of 180° excludes any risk of glare when viewing the landscape from the lake.
A total of 67 devices were installed.
The power supply units were grouped in separate positions with respect to the luminaire, taking advantage of the built-in spaces left free by the old lighting system, and then protected by airtight closing elements.