Portello Square - Shopping Centre


A sail-shaped structure stands out above Piazza Portello and becomes the commercial center of the area undergoing recovery. La Vela is enhanced by indirect light projectors, while the lighting of the porch roof is ensured by recessed direct light projectors. A colourful, dynamic and playful light makes La Vela a scenographic spectacle




Piazza Portello, Milan – Italy


Valle Architects Associates
Noorda Design
Canali Associates

The area abandoned by the Alfa Romeo factories has been the subject of the Detailed Recovery Plan since 1998: it includes gardens, administrative and residential buildings. Piazza Portello covered by a sail-shaped structure is the commercial center of the settlement. The lighting project uses indirect metal halide projectors to exploit the reflection of the Vela's surface. Direct light projectors are built into the covering of the porticoes. A double row of luminaires with fluorescent tubes are positioned above the overhanging body of the covered paths to illuminate the intrados of the Vela, minimizing the shadow cast by the columns on the Vela itself. High levels of illumination balance the overexposure of the shop light and the relationship with the architecture. A battery of projectors equipped with motorized dichroic filters determine cycles of coloured, dynamic and playful light on the Vela, overcast sky of the Square.