Vulcano Buono Service Centre


Not a large aseptic shopping center but a project literally in the shape of a "volcano". The space of the "crater" is the fulcrum of the project but also of human encounters, shows and cultural events. The lighting suits this theme, accentuating the idea of ​​"square", of "citadel"




Nola, Naples – Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The project revisits the natural geometry of the volcano, creating the immense crater in the plain that houses a small city. The artificial hill, characterized by Mediterranean vegetation, hides an architectural steel structure. A pedestrian path leads to the commercial activities, the internal squares and the various services. The shopping mall, a true ring-shaped commercial gallery on two levels, is illuminated by daylight. A hotel, a multiplex cinema, a wellness centre, a hypermarket, 25 catering establishments ( bars and restaurants ), 160 shops, distributed along the route overlooking the large Central Square. “The project defines a modern interpretation of cooperation. We don't want to build a sad shopping center but a square where emptiness is the element where people meet", says Renzo Piano
The space of the "crater" is intended to host artistic, cultural events, shows and demonstrations. The lighting project follows the guidelines of the architectural project and uses types of fixtures typical of commercial and urban spaces, accentuating the "citadel" image.