Don Sturzo Gallery


The spaces become lighting fixtures: all the sources are hidden, encasing them, in the architectural details. Technological innovations but also the choice to maintain the vintage bronze suspensions. A dialogue between present and past




Caltagirone – Italy


Studio Triskeles

The building was born as the seat of the Calatino Senate in 1483. Over the centuries it underwent various architectural, stylistic and intended use transformations. In the 1950s the building was completely modified, giving rise to the current structure of an art gallery with exhibition spaces: the Luigi Sturzo Gallery. The lighting required special attention: not wanting to add further external elements to the pre-existing structures, the sources were integrated into the architectural details. Architecture itself becomes a lighting fixture. Projectors are inserted inside the window compartment to illuminate the ceiling, while indirect light fixtures are installed above the stylized capitals of the columns. The existing vintage bronze suspensions are retained.