Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood


The dynamic and pulsating light is placed inside the church, signaling a vital presence in the night. A structure with multiple devices is arranged on poles in the park in front. The external surfaces are characterized by a light chiaroscuro. The colored and golden majolica domes shine from afar




St. Petersburg – Russia



The Church inaugurated in October 1907 is built "in the authentic Russian style of the 17th century".
Parameters of the lighting project are: the faithful rendering of the volumes, of the articulated architectural composition, of the polychrome decorative apparatus, of the large gold surfaces. The bell tower, above the chapel of "The Crucifixion", stands on the site where Tsar Alexander II, "the Liberator Tsar", beloved by the people, was shot to death ( 1881 ). The internal lighting with dynamic and pulsating light signals the presence of the site and an event far away in time in the night panorama, suggesting a light breath, a vital presence.
Metal halide sources with ceramic burner were chosen for color rendering, durability, efficiency, performance, visual comfort, pleasantness and reliability of the system.
A structure with multiple devices is placed on poles in the park in front, hidden from view and positioned on the adjacent roofs. The projectors with controlled optics, diffuser glass, emit a "biscuit" light beam for direct illumination and composition of beams of the temple surfaces in the absence of flow dispersion, with slight chiaroscuro. The colorful and golden majolica domes shine. The entrances, the tabernacle on the canal representing Christ crucified, have dedicated lighting.