The Municipal Library


A former 19th-century silk factory houses the library. The lighting project exploits the vertical dimension of the building, accentuating its spatial unity, without altering its original qualities




Lenno – Italy


Arch. Roberto Menghi

Located in the historic center, the library occupies one of the numerous 19th-century silk factories decommissioned after the end of the Second World War. As often happens in these cases, the structure of the space is a source of interest: the building is rectangular with a sloping roof, with a large space with windows at different levels that was once equipped with shelves in which silkworms were raised. The room has such a height that it can exploit the vertical dimension: the simplicity of the entire volume and the undeniable charm of this space suggested a project that maintains most of the original features and was designed not to break the spatial unity. ( Abitare, nr. 190, 1980, pg. 82-89 )