Sancaklar Mosque


The simplicity of the architecture is the inspiration for the lighting design. LED light lines are integrated into the architectural elements, while the longitudinal part in the prayer room is highlighted by recessed luminaires. When daylight fades, the luminaires shine in a daylight effect




Istanbul – Turkey


Emre Arolat Architects

The building is located on a large grassy expanse separated from the surrounding suburban areas by a busy road. The semi-underground structure follows the level curves of the ground. The upper courtyard of the mosque, surrounded by high walls, represents a clear boundary between the chaotic outside world and the serene and intimate atmosphere of the public park. The front of the building is characterized by the long canopy that extends into the park and is the only architectural element visible from the outside. The interior of the mosque is a simple space that evokes a cave, where stone and concrete alternate, maintaining a contrast between artificial and natural. The presence of cuts and cracks along the walls let daylight filter through.
The lighting design follows the sober simplicity of the architecture and integrates LED light lines into the architectural elements.
Recessed luminaires illuminate the longitudinal wall in the prayer room when the daylight has faded, maintaining the daytime effect by reflection.