AEM Headquarters


A new dialogue between light and architecture capable of leading to the creation of a new site-specific twin-lamp luminaire, initially created in small series and then "industrialised". Here is the birth first of "Edge" and later of "Radius"




Milan – Italy



The Municipal Energy Company is located in the center of the city of Milan and, as a producer, as well as distributor, of electricity, it required for its headquarters, during the night hours, an image that emanated light, bright, not illuminated. The building built according to the project by Cassi-Ramelli in the 1950s presented a smooth façade in the lower part with the large glass opening of the triple-height entrance and the upper part strongly characterized by a narrow order of architraved windows.
A new concept between light and architecture is tested. By working on the mesh of the intrados the light is brought to the edge of the facade. A twin-lamp fixture is designed, made in a small series, in a special execution, with a particular optic that controls the emission of light at 120°, in a fan shape. The luminaire will then be "industrialised", patented and put into production by iGuzzini ( "Edge" in the first version with halogen lamps and later, "Radius" which also uses metal halide lamps ).