Tilane Public Library


The various activities that take place inside the building are protected and guaranteed by suitable lighting values, where pendant and table lighting fixtures integrate the daylight that penetrates through a series of open skylights




Paderno Dugnano, Milan – Italy


Gae Aulenti Associates

The new municipal library, built on the abandoned area of ​​a disused textile factory, is spread over two floors, occupies a total area of ​​2.600 square metres, and houses reading rooms, exhibition spaces, a cafeteria, a media library and teaching rooms.
The industrial building in reinforced concrete and solid brick cladding features a series of open skylights between the flat roofs which guarantee homogeneous natural light from above during the daytime and maintain the memory of the old workplace.
The lighting project integrates daylight and natural light with pendant fixtures and table lamps to guarantee lighting values ​​suitable for carrying out the various activities, in compliance with current regulations.