Sbim - Banca Lombarda Headquarters


As architect Gregotti says, a "borderline between public and private". Particular attention is paid to the exhibition walls, where the works must be shown in all their beauty. Throughout the structure, the consistency of the values ​​detected in relation to the objectives of the lighting project is respecte




Brescia – Italy


Gregotti Architects Associates

The new headquarters of Banca Lombarda is the result of research aimed at finding spaces for residential and advanced tertiary buildings. As architect Vittorio Gregotti explains, it will be a "borderline between public and private", in which residential areas and public offices will coexist. The building looks like a cube, 12 floors high, dug inside. The volume is closed by three facades and contains a large courtyard open onto the street and another volume in the shape of a conical pyramid which houses two conference rooms, independent from the rest of the complex. The two lateral wings of the cubic volume are occupied by the operational offices, while the perpendicular wall forms the backdrop to the large courtyard. The lighting project provides for the corridor of the business floor a distribution scheme proposed following the operational levels. The presence of numerous and valuable paintings requires privileging the lighting of the exhibition walls for the benefit of a better perception of the works on display and the overall image of the space. The use of multiple optics fixtures allows you to vary the directionality of the light emission by simply modifying the internal arrangement of the optics. Three scenarios are foreseen for the lighting of the auditorium which communicate the elegance of the solutions created and the coherence of the values ​​detected with respect to the lighting engineering objectives of the project. The first scenario designed for general lighting is characterized by a custom pendant luminaire with a great visual impact, made up of 440 halogen lamps located in the center of the auditorium. The second is characterized by specific lighting for the speakers' benches, provided by lateral projectors installed in special retractable niches. The third is partial lighting of the room through the side corridor with recessed luminaires.