Artemisia Gentileschi


The accent light on the paintings shows their chronological sequence in a unified way, without violating their artistic beauty. The shaping slats and focus adjustment eliminate glare and reflections




Royal Palace, Milan – Italy



The exhibition collects together over fifty works complete with a caption display that is important in understanding the painter's complex human and artistic experience. The rooms of the Royal Palace are equipped with a track lighting system. The exhibition curators desired that a viewing of the works should be the absolute protagonist of the spaces. The walls of the rooms have been painted for the occasion, with a dark red colour as a uniform and neutral backdrop. Optical condenser profile spots for Mastercolour light bulbs (150W) have been installed on tracks for the accent lighting of the paintings. The assistance of shaping shutters and focusing adjustment have allowed for the best possible control of light flow without reflections or glare and have created a single exhibition route that follows the chronological order of Gentileschi's experience as a painter.