Pierluigi Ghianda - La Bottega come Simposio


A re-lamping operation of the existing track and suspension lighting system. Respecting the regulations, Pierluigi Ghianda's works stand out in correct color rendering




Villa Reale, Monza – Italy

"The Workshop as a Symposium", an exhibition curated by Aldo Colonetti and designed by Lorenzo Damiani; dedicated to Pierluigi Ghianda, the exhibition conveyed the past and future of the Brianza system, which here represented one of the general values of “Made in Italy” at its best. The exhibition included products, objects, construction details, and building inventions because this is what we’re dealing with when talking about Ghianda’s workshop: a veritable symposium, of Platonic recollection. Collaborating with the great “cabinetmaker” were nationally and internationally renowned architects, designers, and professionals, sharing his same way of thinking centered on beauty at the service of mankind. Many objects have become icons of Italian design, like Magistretti’s Vidun table for De Padova, Gae Aulenti’s pearwood frames for the Musée d’Orsay, Rena Dumas’s Pippa armchair for Hermès, Cini Boeri’s swivel table bookcase, and Gianfranco Frattini’s Kyoto table sculpture. The existing track and suspension lighting system was readapted and implemented to ensure the correct viewing and appreciation of the displayed works, complying with regulations, and guaranteeing the right color rendering.