St. Trinità Church


An axis of green light unites the Church of SS Trinità with the bell tower of San Marco. Projections on the church building, with different graphics, give it an unexpected and varied nocturnal identity




Pordenone – Italy


Arch. Franco Raggi

For the Sicailux trade fair held in Pordenone in November 2007, the SS Trinità Church was linked to the San Marco bell tower by a green laser beam 350 meters long, using light to create a visual urban axis that connected the two buildings. It was a temporary installation with a strong visual impact, that used the façade of the church as a "screen" for trying out macro graphic lighting using sequential macro projections. The projections were designed to either emphasize or reduce the vertical and voluminous appearance of the church building at different moments, using vertical, diagonal and horizontal stripes, checkerboard effects, evenly spaced pinpricks of light against a black background, and textures. These effects dematerialized the building and gave it an unexpected nocturnal identity.