Renzo Piano - Un regard construit


The exhibition is a tribute to Renzo Piano and his architecture. The same goes for the lighting: directional light enhances the models placed on the large tables and the panels with the drawings




Centro G. Pompidou, Paris – France


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

After 27 months of refurbishments, the Centre Georges Pompidou reopened on New Years' Day 2000, paying tribute to one of its co-creators. The first exhibition held in the Galerie Sud offered a close look at some of the most famous architectural designs by Renzo Piano. His main projects were arranged on twenty or so floating tables, each 12 square meters wide, suspended by a forest of vertical cables. Each project was illustrated in detail, from its early elaboration, through the building process, right up to the final touches. The main exhibition material was made up of a large and varied selection of visuals: sketches, drawings, images, texts, videos and models. The works were divided into three thematic groups, representing the three major aspects of architecture according to the Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Sensibility, Invention and Urbanity. “Perroquet” projector lamps, expressly designed by Renzo Piano and produced by iGuzzini, were used to directionally light up the models on the large tables and the panels holding the drawings.