Stand Osram


Sixty tiny "naked" very low voltage halogen lamps, of the latest generation, integrate with the elements of the set-up and give life to a starry sky




Milan – Italy

The lighting of the stands at all of OSRAM’s trade fairs made use of the latest generation halogen lamps available at the time, carefully incorporated into the display system. “The stand was designed using light, aerial and almost mathematical aluminum structures, glittering with glass crystals and dotted with a sky of 60 very bright little stars. The use of tiny, low-voltage halogen lamps (12V 100W), 'naked' without reflector shields or fixtures, is the most distinctive feature of the entire lighting system and is what gives the stand appeal. Designed by architects Livio and Piero Castiglioni, it was conceived to act as a “centre of light” focusing the viewer's attention on the theme presented and making the exhibits fully visible from all sides, without any obstacles or useless structures to impede the view.”