Champs Libres - Brittany Museum


The lighting design adapts to the function of each room: from the general light of the library we move on to the adjustable, highly flexible luminaires of the museum rooms. Nothing is left to chance but it is harmonized. The dialogue between lighting and architecture becomes increasingly closer, until it reaches the direct light of the planetarium dome




Rennes – France


Arch. Christian de Portzanparc

Three of the city’s cultural landmarks have been reunited in a newly-designed building, characterized by its large volumes. The itineraries inside resemble those of the city itself, with connections via overhead footbridges. Large internal glass windows help visitors recognize places, while transparent portions of the outer perimeter walls show the building’s position within the city. Rows of fixtures recessed into the ceiling or floor light up the routes, and the spaces are suitably illuminated according to their intended use. The library has a system of discrete, diffused and homogeneous general lighting with accent lighting on the reading stations. The museum rooms feature a system of adjustable fixtures providing direct lighting to guarantee maximum flexibility for exhibitions. Special attention was paid to the display cases, characterized by small, "theatrical" arrangements. Recessed ceiling downlights were selected for the auditorium, while the Planetarium’s dome is lit up by direct lighting projector lamps. Small rest areas break up the itinerary.