Muse - Science Museum


The lighting project follows the architecture which unfolds on seven levels and with it, its functions. The light gives a composed, coherent and unitary image to the building, thanks to extremely compact, flexible and adaptable luminaires and evenly distributed illumination values




Trento – Italy


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The building is 130 metres long with seven floors (two below ground and five above) and a total surface area of 12,600 square metres. It is home to administrative and research activities, with spaces allocated to permanent and temporary exhibitions, research laboratories, classrooms, educational workshop and a tropical greenhouse. The lighting project has remained faithful to the heterogeneous and articulate architecture (large volumes and spaces topped with glass roofs), finding the correct balance between natural and artificial lighting. Extremely compact devices provided the correct lighting while preserving a unified, composed and consistent image across the different spaces. The devices have been installed in the ceiling, on electrical tracks or as pendants. Fitted with LED sources providing a high level of colour rendition, they allow much flexibility and adaptability. Devices equipped with "controlled" optics and featuring adjustable orientation were chosen to reduce the considerable number of light sources that would otherwise have been necessary. This limited the energy load and also restored order and uniformity of image. The possibility of directing (360°) and adjusting the intensity of the light beams emitted by the devices allowed for the even distribution of light levels, thanks to a composition of beams. The project was awarded the GOLD LEED.