Ex Chiattone Palace


Light becomes the way to enhance the historic façade of the building complex, showing its architectural details and volumes. LED source lighting fixtures have different dimensions and optics, depending on the place and the function they must perform. Light dialogues with architecture




Lugano – Swiss


Arch. Ferruccio Robbiani

The Ex-Chiattone building complex which overlooks Via Elvezia and Via Pestalozzi, has been the subject of a renovation and functional redevelopment of its spaces.
The historic facade initially devoid of lighting is highlighted, sculpting its volumes and rediscovering its architectural details through light.
The lighting project uses two types of lighting fixtures with different optics for different tasks.
For the balconies and windows, small LED source fixtures with blade optics and integrated power supply are used, placed on the windowsill, which allow backlighting of the balconies and homogeneous lighting of the window architraves.
For the shop windows and entrances on the ground floor, small linear LED source luminaires are used, with integrated optics and power supply system, installed in the intrados which guarantee illumination values suited to the various visual tasks.