Expo 1998


An abandoned area in Lisbon is recovered and transformed for the '98 Expo. Functional lighting and "spectacular and playful" lighting integrate to enhance the architectural space, also intended for entertainment, fun, meetings and human exchange functions




Lisbon – Portugal


Gregotti Architects Associates

A large abandoned area of ​​Lisbon was recovered on the occasion of the '98 International Exhibition with the aim of transforming and integrating it, later, as a particular area in the city characterized by large structures dedicated to fun, entertainment and free time. Functional lighting is therefore required, necessary for common urban functions, and "spectacular or playful" lighting is essential to create a festive atmosphere, to contribute to the reading and valorisation of the architectural space, orientation and the emphasis on the works of art present.
The avenues, the bridges, the structures built on the water, the green spaces and gardens, the exhibition buildings, the theatre, the refining tower integrated into the south gate, the streets, the service and rest areas and, last but not least the Tejo river and the dock were the different themes that produced the lighting solutions. The aim of the project was to confer, despite the various typologies of the areas, continuity and integration between light and landscape, light and visual tasks.
The street lighting was obtained with high poles, to have a good level of homogeneity with a limited number of installations.
The lighting of the pedestrian paths is provided by grazing light with good illuminance values, without the presence of luminaires during the daytime, with a view of the sky free from obstacles at night.
Special lighting has been designed for the pavilions, bars and restaurants, umbrellas, fountains, waterways and banners in order to make the shapes and functions of each element recognizable even from afar, at night.