St Giles Courts


The Central St Gilles multifunctional complex was created in the London neighborhood of Carden. Complex volumes and diversified materials: the urban and social identity of the place emerges. The lighting of the rooms is both general and specific. A play of chiaroscuro aimed at giving an appearance of life even at night




London – England


Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The Central St Gilles multifunctional complex is part of the London neighborhood of Carden, a complex urban mosaic of ancient streets, traditional urban blocks and modern buildings. The settlement is made up of complex volumes, a combination of facades characterized by materials: glass, steel, ceramic in different colors and changing in relation to the light. Commercial units, restaurants, offices and apartments are organized around a large central courtyard, a square that hosts social life and reinforces the urban identity of the place, visible from every building through the large windows ( 6 meters high ) on the ground floor and reachable from five different passages.
The courtyard lighting project serves the architectural project: the common spaces on the double-height ground floor, around the perimeter of the entire settlement, are illuminated with suspended projectors which provide general and specific lighting of the rooms. The light emanating outside from the large glass surfaces constitutes a sort of luminous base, detaches the buildings from the ground, visually expands the space of the square while projectors positioned under the eaves, out of sight, provide the general lighting of the space producing a situation of chiaroscuro and shadows similar to daylight hours.